Capabilities that are continuously evolving

Mission success is a requirement. Support your mission with an engineering foundation that is designed to adapt to all challenges—both on-world and off-world.

Engineering Framework


Windsor Prototype specializes in understanding the entire scope of our customer’s goals. This global perspective allows us to collaborate with all stakeholders involved in mission operations. Our coordination efforts lay the groundwork for streamlined development and the highest probability of mission success.

Research & Development

Windsor Prototype has a natural aptitude for making future-oriented decisions, and we believe the engineering industry is lagging behind. Our ability to decompose complex systems into subsystems and components for selective development and optimization is on the frontier of engineering innovation.

Analysis & Simulation

Windsor Prototype is built upon leading-edge advancements within the software development industry. We've merged mechanical and software development practices into an innovative approach—MechOps. Our analysis and simulation methods strive to mesh mission requirements with the digital thread throughout the duration of a product’s life cycle.


Windsor Prototype’s engineering documentation standards and detailed version control systems establish a framework for efficient program lifecycles. Our mission is to minimize recurring engineering efforts by maintaining all critical program data in dynamic repositories. We believe providing a source of truth for all stakeholders is the key to mission success.

Engineering Capabilities

Systems Engineering

Understanding, defining, and delegating
mission success

  • Concept Architecture

    We break down your mission goals into an adaptable framework of verifiable requirements, enabling efficient and effective engineering decision-making.

  • Documentation Organization

    WP minimizes information gaps throughout your product’s lifecycle, from concept to design to production, so that more of your resources can be dedicated to executing mission operations.

  • Requirement Verification

    Our verification approach ensures critical functionality by showing traceability from requirements at each product level all the way up to your top-level mission requirements.

  • Cross-Discipline Interfacing

    WP coordinates with multiple engineering disciplines during each critical development phase to ensure that each decision is a step forward, constantly progressing towards a smooth transition to production.

Mechanical Engineering

Ensuring complex systems follow
the rules of physics

  • 3D Modeling

    WP models are built on a logical framework that maintains the digital thread between mission requirements and end products. Model iterations at any point in your mission's lifecycle synchronize with our system-level product architecture and documentation resources.

  • Analysis & Simulation

    WP builds analysis and simulation programs that link mission requirements with engineering model data. This futuristic approach maintains the health of the digital thread from concept to production and supports critical decision-making throughout your mission lifecycle.

  • Drafting

    WP engineering drawings are drafted with extensive GD&T and manufacturing process knowledge. We transform complex engineering model data into simplified production documentation that reflects real world limitations.

  • Material Selection

    WP applies material science knowledge early in product development. Accelerate your timelines to prototype and to production by utilizing an engineering group that emphasizes material cost versus performance.

  • Modular Systems

    The WP product development framework supports future adaptations and upgrades by aligning customer requirements with our internal system interface standards.

  • Packaging & Serviceability

    Our hands-on technical experience allows us to develop solutions around the technicians and end-users who are responsible for assembling, operating, and maintaining our customer’s complex systems.

Manufacturing Engineering

Transforming engineering documentation
into reality

  • Process Expertise

    WP has extensive knowledge in industry leading manufacturing methods, with substantial experience in welding, machining, and metal fabrication.

  • Prototype to Production

    The version control capabilities of our development system, paired with detailed mechanical design, support seamless transitions between both prototype and production environments.

  • Special Tooling

    WP develops molds, jigs, and fixtures to achieve complex tolerances and production repeatability. We also develop special tools for unique system assembly and maintenance procedures.

  • Vendor Coordination

    Industry process expertise, intelligent version control, and special tool development all contribute to effective communication within our vendor network.

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